Why SEO should always complement your content marketing


Folks walk up to me at conferences or email me for advice on SEO all the time, and a question they often ask is, “What is the role of SEO in content marketing?”

My answer is always the same: SEO should be viewed as reinforcement to your content team.

More often than not, this is followed by another question: “How should SEO and content marketing teams work together to achieve success?”

Let’s explore this in more detail. In the SEO universe we live in today, getting this synergy right can mean the difference between exponential business success and miserable failure.

SEO & content teams must work together early

SEO consultants should participate early in the process, even before decisions about content creation are made.

SEO isn’t about keywords or phrases alone, and effective content marketing is more than just crafting articles and other forms of online content around high-volume keywords that will drive a lot of traffic.

Keyword analysis should be used as a way to study and better understand your customers. The goal should be to know them — their needs and preferences, their problems and worries — on an individual level.

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