The flexibility requirement for SEO agencies

Tell me if you’ve encountered conversations like these before:

  • “We actually don’t care about conversions; we just want organic traffic growth.”
  • “We’re re-branding and are no longer calling ourselves [insert term].”
  • “We’re launching a new product today. Can you provide us tagging and content?”


I’d like to tell you these situations are rare, but if you’ve worked in the SEO consulting field for any period of time, you know they aren’t. As SEOs, and especially for those on the agency side, you are often the last to know what’s happening. Regardless of how much you try to keep yourself in the loop, sometimes information gets to you after the fact.

Flexibility is crucial, and the ability to adapt your programs and deliverables at the drop of a hat is key to long-term success.

Let’s look at the above scenarios, for example.

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