The 5 High-Growth Industries and Best Cities for Small Business Ventures

As an entrepreneur ready to launch or grow your business, actively aligning your venture with current industry trends and geographic benefits could significantly impact your success.

The Credit Review‘s latest study reveals the top five industries set to experience rapid growth in the next decade, along with the cities offering lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs.

5 Rapidly Growing Industries for Your Business Adventure

Understanding which industries are experiencing rapid growth is vital for entrepreneurs. It enables them to invest in expanding sectors, increasing the likelihood of business success. Entrepreneurs can ride the wave of market demand and innovation by focusing on industries with strong growth trajectories.

Here are the top 5 industries to keep an eye on:

  1. Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation in Austin, Texas: Austin’s vibrant cultural scene and supportive local small business policies make it an ideal hub for starting a new business in creative sectors. The city’s dynamic atmosphere fosters innovation and audience engagement, which is crucial for success in arts and entertainment.
  2. Health Care and Social Assistance in Sarasota, Florida: Sarasota, known for its growing population and focus on health and wellness, offers a fertile ground for health care and social assistance ventures. The demographic trends and supportive community infrastructure in Sarasota present a ripe market for businesses in this sector.
  3. Information Services in Austin, Texas: As a burgeoning tech hub, Austin provides a fertile ground for information services businesses. Its thriving tech community and rich talent pool make it an optimal location for entrepreneurs looking to innovate in the digital space.
  4. Administrative, Support, Waste Management, and Remediation Services in Los Angeles, California: The diverse economic landscape of Los Angeles offers unique opportunities for businesses specializing in administrative and support services. The city’s vast business network demands efficient support and waste management services, making it a lucrative market for these industries.
  5. Management of Companies and Enterprises in Dallas, Texas: Dallas’s robust corporate environment is ideal for businesses focused on company management and enterprise solutions. The metropolitan area’s economic climate and corporate culture provide a fertile ground for management-oriented businesses seeking growth and networking opportunities.


The good news is these are just the top cities in each of the top sectors — the study from The Credit Review goes further.

Looking at the top 100 metros in the nation, it finds the top fast-growth industry in each and also ranks the cities by which are best for launching a small business.

You can check it out here:

Leveraging Growth-Driven Markets: A Blueprint for Small Business Sustainability

Fortunately, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics regularly publishes data about which sectors show the most promising growth in the decade to come. Staying in the know about this provides direction for entrepreneurs about which sectors and locations offer the highest potential for growth and success.

This approach gives small businesses a strategic advantage. By choosing a rapidly growing industry and a small business-friendly location, you place yourself at the forefront of opportunities and growth.

Even if you're not targeting these five fast-growth sectors, remember to select a business location that complements your industry, maximizing your potential for growth and success.

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