Shipping Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Products
(WooThemes – WordPress Plug-In)

The purpose of this plug-in is to allow users to ship multiple products in a shopping cart to multiple locations. For it’s purpose, it does the job well. Their support team is helpful. As my client began using this plug-in, they wondered why repeat clients ordering only one item didn’t have a way to access previous shipping locations. The database clearly had collected the information at some point. The Shipping Multiple Addresses plug-in was able to recover this data to allow the cart to display multiple ship-to locations during checkout. So if a user was only purchasing one product, but wanted to ship it as a gift to someone they’re previously shipped to, the client wondered why couldn’t they access that address from the database. The plug-in wasn’t developed for this purpose, is the reason why. However, right now it’s the only plug-in for WooCommerce developed using this data. The solution: add [woocommerce_select_multiple_addresses] to the checkout page. It enables the cart action even if two or more items are not in the cart. Thanks for the answer to this problem by user3521358 of Overall, I give this plug-in a thumbs-up.


  • Works with WooCommerce
  • Works with all WooCommerce shipping methods
  • Allows multiple ship-to’s in a single purchase.
  • Allows retrieval of stored ship-to addresses
  • Can copy a cart and ship it to another location


  • Cost: $49.00 annually

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