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I recently had an inquiry from one of my clients, asking if an unsolicited email he received from someone (let’s call him Fred) was legit. You see, it had a video recording of “Fred” sharing his screen while pointing out some SEO improvements my client could make. The thing that stood out to me the most, was that in the video “Fred” said: “the title is the #1 ranking factor in getting found”. There are hundreds of ranking factors that Google uses in their algorithm, but I can tell you based on the SEO authorities out there, the #1 ranking factors are: (1) traffic, and (2) incoming links. The Meta Title is definitely a ranking factor, but there are many others that also affect your local ranking position, starting with claiming your Google location, reviews, and having schema markup with your location clearly tagged.

Note to marketers: do not assume people don’t already have someone working on marketing. Before soliciting, perhaps reach out to them first to make sure you have permission to send any marketing propositions.

Did I think this was a good way to show a potential client how to improve their rankings: yes. Do I think it was legit? No. It was a shady way to try to get new business, and was also misinformation.

As soon as I sent an email out to “Fred”, he went on the BBB and wrote a negative review of me, stating that he was a potential client of mine and I told him to get lost. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a HUGE proponent of GOOD customer service and would never say that. So, marketers beware: there are marketing predators out there, and “” appears to have one in their mix.

Here’s the video:

Just so you can see it, here is the unsolicited email that was sent to my client:

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 8:00 AM, ********** <***> wrote:
Dr. Harrison,

I came across your website today when searching for “”Chiropractor Nampa, ID”” and noticed that you don’t show in the maps section and are #17 in the organic listings.

That’s a lot of potential clients you’re missing out on.

So I made a video showing why your top 3 competitors are out-ranking you.



Are you the right person to send this video?

If you are, please reply to this email and I’ll send you it. Otherwise just let me know.

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