Support Danny Thompson’s Choir Trip Spring 2019

Thank you for supporting Danny for his 2019 Choir trip. This is his first year in choir, and he’s excited to participate in the competition with the rest of his team. Any donation will help. Prayers are appreciated. His goal is to raise $750 for the trip.

Danny’s note to all:
Hi! I have finally given in and decided to join my school’s choir! I have been really enjoying it thus far. One of the many benefits of being in Nampa Christian’s choir is that you get to go on choir tour! Choir tour is an awesome trip where the entire choir goes down to Anaheim California to compete in a choir competition (as well as spend a single afternoon at Disney Land). Our choir instructor has led us to many first-place finishes at this national competition for over a decade. As one could imagine, it is quite spendy to take a tour bus of over a 100 high schoolers down to California from Nampa Idaho. As being a member of choir it is my job to raise $750 in order to go on this amazing trip. I would greatly appreciate any donations you would be willing to make.
-Daniel Thompson


Write a note to Danny to encourage him for his upcoming trip.


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