WooThemes Names PorterandYork.com a Top 12 WooCommerce Design

Porterandyork.com was one of the twelve listed by WooThemes in their blog “12 Great Examples Of WooCommerce Stores”.

porterandyork woothemes top 12 woocommerce design

I would have to agree. In Cart Marketing has been maintaining the website, enhancing features, for the last year which included adding a responsive design. The site boasts a custom “skin” that uses the Drag N Drop plug-in by Splashing Pixels. We have had our compatibility issues with this plug-in colliding with our custom skin, but it sure looks and acts slick!

On the back end, we have integrated many WordPress/WooCommerce plug-ins, such as:

We plan to do a review of each of the plug-ins throughout the coming months. Follow our Blog to follow along!


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