Why Do People Abandon Their Shopping Carts?

Cart Abandonment Reasons Chart

Cart Abandonment Reasons Chart

Why do people abandon their online shopping carts?
As you can see from the chart above, there are many reasons. In order from high to low, they are:

  1. Extra Costs too high (shipping, tax, fees) (60%)
  2. The site wanted me to create an account (37%)
  3. Too long/complicated checkout process (28%)
  4. I couldn’t see/calculate total order cost up-front (23%)
  5. Website had errors/crashed (20%)
  6. I didn’t trust the site with my credit card info (19%)
  7. Delivery was too slow (18%)
  8. Returns policy wasn’t satisfactory (11%)
  9. There weren’t enough payment methods (8%)
  10. The credit card was declined (4%)

Keep these reasons in mind when you are developing your ecommerce website. To get the most feedback from users, I recommend adding an online chat system, make it easy for potential customers to reach you at any time, and try to have enough functionality to make the user’s experience at the top of your priority list. This is not only for SEO purposes, but also just to present the best experience possible for potential clients. There are so many options available to customers in today’s world, that you really need to always put your best foot forward.

About the author: Lisa Thompson Lisa is a partner, and SEO Manager at In Cart Marketing. Following search engine algorithms and website-coding is her passion. Follow her on Twitter: @TeamLisaSEM

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