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You know the story.
Your local gym will have 300% more members, because it’s January.
Thousands of abandoned blogs will have new posts published, because it’s January.
Business owners worldwide will set new targets, because it’s January.
And by March, almost all of these will revert back to their old ways.
That’s because setting a target or goal, simply because it’s January, brings very little motivation. Once January passes the motivation fades. Gyms are emptier, blogs are quieter and business owners slide back into their comfort zones.

However, some will succeed! These are the people who make a resolution to improve… a powerful and highly motivating resolution.

New Year’s Resolution?
The Oxford Dictionary defines resolute as: Admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. When you set yourself a target or goal, with purposeful, determined and unwavering commitment, you succeed.
So, if you want to be one of the magnificent minority, who set and achieve their New Year’s resolutions, don’t set them just because it’s January.

Instead, give yourself some BIG, compelling, inspiring and motivating reasons to achieve your goals. Then resolve to achieve each of them with purposeful, determined and unwavering commitment.

IMPORTANT: Don’t set puny goals. The more exciting your goal is, the greater your motivation to succeed will be. Here’s a short post, which explains how this works. It’s from one of the greatest minds that ever lived: A Goal Setting Tip From The Genius Of Michelangelo.
Once you’ve set and achieved these exciting goals, set some more. Remember, there’s no need to wait until January!
Finally my friend, I wish you and your family, health, happiness and peace in 2017 and beyond.
Source: Jim’s Marketing Blog

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