Marketing automation is like icing on the cake


Most of us have baked a cake at one time or another. We’ve put all the ingredients in a large bowl, mixed it up, dumped it in a pan, and then put it in the oven.

When the cake was baked, we let it cool and added icing to the top.

Why do we add the icing? Because icing makes a delicious cake even sweeter and provides a smoother, shinier confection to behold.

Marketing automation does the same for marketers; it enhances how marketers engage leads and drive business. It makes what we do even better.

Digital body language icing

Regardless of whether it’s a huge enterprise or a startup, marketing is responsible for the components that uncover prospects, drive engagement and close sales. Marketing’s ingredients include a wide variety of stand-alone pieces like white papers and e-books, websites and landing pages, and special events or large conventions.

Without marketing automation to sweeten those ingredients — by delivering them at the right time to the right lead — they are ignored. In a world of information deluge, leads and prospects only pay attention to what they care about.

Through digital body language, a key component of marketing automation, marketers can better understand and act upon the needs of prospects. The trail of activity left by a lead’s digital engagement — like opens, clicks and website visits — can be harnessed to drive better engagement.

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