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5 Tips To Stay Organized Through The Holidays And Beyond

November 23, 2016 The holidays are here and client spending and consumer shopping are in full swing. It would be an understatement to say this year feels a little busier than last. Often these busy times show us, as account managers, where we might need to be more effective and stay a little more organized.…

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Gary Vaynerchuk on Playing the Long Game

Back in 2006, Gary Vaynerchuk started a daily video show that turned wine criticism on its head. More importantly, it took his family wine business from $3 million-a-year to a $60 million-a-year ecommerce juggernaut. From there, Gary did something that surprised a lot of people, including me. He started a digital marketing agency called VaynerMedia.…

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Why media buying and advertising is ripe for artificial intelligence

There’s a reason transparency is such an important topic of discussion throughout the industry. In June, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) published a bombshell of a report revealing that executives were aware of — and sometimes mandated — extensive use of nontransparent practices like rebates and kickbacks. As a direct response to the report, JPMorgan Chase…

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How To Better Work With Clients Across Multiple Time Zones

November 16, 2016 Being from Ireland, I deal with time zones and the issues that they cause in my personal life, including talking with family and friends or watching sports from home. Since I have begun working at Hanapin, time zone issues have slowly crept into my work life. I am based in Spokane, WA…

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Marketing tips and ideas to help you grow your business

You know the story. Your local gym will have 300% more members, because it’s January. Thousands of abandoned blogs will have new posts published, because it’s January. Business owners worldwide will set new targets, because it’s January. And by March, almost all of these will revert back to their old ways. That’s because setting a…

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