Intentional and thoughtful marketing makes the biggest impact

Most consumers are now wary and well-informed about overused marketing tactics

They know not to click on Google Ads when it’s not relevant. They don’t want the age-old banner reading “for a limited time” flashing in front of their face trying to coerce them to buy quickly. They don’t want to see brands repeating tactics half-heartedly just to get their attention.

Trust us, they will see right through weak efforts. 

Consumers are savvy. So, what do you do

Well, we advise being intentional and thoughtful about how you approach your consumer. 

Don’t you appreciate it when someone has invested time in giving you a gift in a unique and thoughtful way? 

So do customers. If you can do that for them, they will see that you care and want to offer them something valuable. 

Plus, they will remember the special touch. It will pay off big in the end. 

Innovative and Intentional

Marketing is constantly evolving, especially as digital technology continues to advance. So, finding new innovative marketing channels isn’t usually the problem anymore, it’s linking those ideas intentionally to consumer needs or expectations. 

Of course, marketers are thinking about the customer, right? That’s what they’ve studied, focused on, and honed in on in order to build some incredible and amazing campaigns. 

However, often in the search for the latest and greatest idea, the goals sometimes can start to be more about being the coolest or catching the most attention. 

That doesn’t necessarily mean that the customer needs are at the forefront of the effort.

And, as we mentioned, consumers are smart. So, do take care and demonstrate your intentionality. Show you are conscious of the current social state of the world without blundering through with an embarrassing fail.

Take inspiration from straightforward and cunning branding efforts that directly influence and impact the consumer. Let the culture, values, and purpose of the brands you represent come to the forefront and highlight those concepts for the prospective customer in a new way. 

Thoughtful and Creative

Now, with the most personal of marketing types (think: conferences and in-person-events) being canceled, marketers really need to rethink about how brands can connect with their customers in a thoughtful, personal way. 

Just as effective experiential marketing really has had to stretch beyond the definitions of normal to stand out, now the challenge might be to stretch beyond the bounds of digital. Just converting your efforts to digital isn’t enough, you have to really think about what will show people that you care. 

How can you be helpful or sensitive to customer needs when you don’t have face to face interaction? How can you connect with them when you are bound to digital strategies? 

First, being honest about your goals or brand or intention is the best way to show that you see the consumer as a knowledgeable, informed consumer. They aren’t just your next sell or target, they are an individual who has needs, hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

Secondly, while mindfulness might be a buzzword, being mindful can help you tune into customer needs. Having a mindset practice can improve clarity and productivity. It can not only help you tap into your own creativity, but it can open you up to thinking about the world in a more vulnerable and intentional way. 

Personal Touch

Whether it’s outbound, inbound, online, offline, email, SEO, social media, event marketing, or whatever marketing channel, marketing experts know what matters is making a lasting impression on the consumer or customer. 

Your audience knows the click-bait from the SEO optimized text to the writer-ly and convincing blog post. They don’t want frills, they want simple and straightforward and, the kicker, personalization. It’s no secret the data is out there for marketers to use. 

The way to make the most lasting impression is to truly approach your marketing efforts with your customer in mind. 

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