How To Setup The Newest AdWords Extension – Message Extensions

AdWords has added a new, mobile-only extension called click-to-message that allows customers to communicate to you via text. This message extension allows your customer another way to reach you directly for questions, scheduling appointments, and/or quotes. This option will not make sense for all customers, but if your company has the ability to receive and answer text messages quickly, this feature may be worth testing.

adwords message extensions

Considering the growing number of customers using their smartphones to shop online, this extension will probably not be the last to be mobile specific. If your website is still not mobile friendly, we highly recommend making it a top priority, especially since Google recently stated it will move to a mobile-first index. Plus, not having a mobile-friendly website can impact your bottom line, especially if your competitors are already on top of this.

message extension pre-populated question

Setting up this feature is easy and you can even create pre-populated messages to make it easier for your customers. Inside the platform, select “Ad Extensions” and under the drop down options, you will see “Message Extensions.”

When creating the pre-populated message, you will want to consider the questions your customers frequently ask. Your customers may want to set up an appointment for a quote for a roof estimate or ask if a used vehicle is on the lot before they drive to your dealership. This extension can be a great tool in helping your customers know the right question to ask.

How To Setup Message Extensions

Inside AdWords, select “Ad extensions > Message extensions > + Extension.”

create message extension adwords

Now, you will have the ability to start creating your first message extension. You will need to include:

  • Your business name
  • A telephone number that is able to receive text messages
  • Extension text
  • Message text

The message text is where you have the option to create the pre-populated text we mentioned above.

message extension advanced

You will also have the option to run your message extensions during a certain timeframe for special occasions or offers. Keep in mind, you will pay each time someone clicks on your message extension and so it might make sense to create an ad schedule to run during your hours of business.

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Source: PPC Hero