8 Digital and Graphic Design Trends for the Times

Our world has become dramatically more digital than ever with a computer in our fingers practically all the time. So, keeping up to speed on the latest digital and graphic design trends is essential to your marketing plan. You want to be sure to catch customer attention and stand out from the crowd.

With ever-changing technology and the incredible speed at which trends move these days, it’s hard to keep up. Every day there’s something new (design-related, news-worthy, heavily hashtagged media, and so on) spinning through the interwebs. And not just something new, millions of pieces of new or re-formulated data and design trying to stand out, communicate, and leave a lasting impression.

So, how are you supposed to really know what works or not?

To help you out, we are sharing a well-investigated and handy list of the latest emerging trends for you to check out yourself. The trends for 2021 are born from this past year: a year of pandemic, polarity, and unrest. Yet, these disruptive trends work to bridge dichotomy, unite opposing styles, and come together as powerful, meaningful design. Here are the 8 graphic and design trends of 2021 from Coastal Creative.

  1. Responsive Clutter
  2. Surrealist Still Life
  3. Maximalism
  4. Outsized Typography
  5. Earth x Metal
  6. In-Text Photography
  7. Technodystopia
  8. Disharmonious Color Combos

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