Content Marketing: Here’s why your readers are already your clients

Thank you for being such a valued client. Yes. I’m talking to you!

Consider this for a moment: A client is someone you provide a service to, who pays you. I provide you with a service (ideas to help you grow your business). And you pay me. You pay me with your attention. That’s why they call it paying attention.

So, I’m the service provider and you’re the client.

What this means to you and your business

I have a question for you. It’s simply this:

How would your newsletter or blog improve, if you already regarded every reader as a client?

Well my friend, for starters, you would treat your content marketing as a top level business activity. You’d also aim to be as valuable to your readers as possible, after all, you want to retain your clients. And you’d strive to be helpful too, because your content marketing would become part of your overall customer service.

Sometimes, a simple change of perspective can lead you to massively better results.

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