What to Gather to Get Started Building a Website


  1. Set up Hosting
    1. We recommend SiteGround GrowBig plan, but do not purchase plan without instructions from us on how - do not use your primary domain you want to use on your website for this account. Questions?: email us
  2. Domain Name (Provide admin access)
  3. Logo?
  4. Site Design ("look")
    1. Start here for examples:
      1. https://incartmarketing.com/beaver-builder-home-page-themes/
      2. https://incartmarketing.com/portfolio/
  5. Address
  6. Phone Number
  7. Admin Contact
  8. Merchant Account? If not and you want to take credit card payments using someone other than PayPal, you need to get one. Start at your bank.
  9. Payment Gateway Choice
    1. Paypal (sign up for an account if you don't have one)
    2. Authorize.net
    3. Stripe
    4. Square
  10. Shipping Via UPS/FedEx/USMail/Both/Other (need account access to get developer key(s) to get realtime rates)
  11. Sales Tax: Registered in What State? Get tax schedule or sign up for an automated solution like TaxJar
  12. Define Product Mix
  13. Pricing Options (stock, inks, price breaks, sizes)
  14. Gather Web Image Art
  15. SEO: Define Focus Keyword Phrases

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