Comparing Hosts: Which WordPress Host is Best In the US?

I’ve been asked by so many people which host to use for their WordPress website, I thought I’d post my thoughts here… The best and the worst WordPress Hosts in the US, in my opinion. I rank US WordPress Hosts in this order: 1 WPEngine 2 SiteGround 3 DreamHost 4 InMotion Hosting You’re probably wondering…

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Why Do People Abandon Their Shopping Carts?

Cart Abandonment Reasons Chart

Why do people abandon their online shopping carts? As you can see from the chart above, there are many reasons. In order from high to low, they are: Extra Costs too high (shipping, tax, fees) (60%) The site wanted me to create an account (37%) Too long/complicated checkout process (28%) I couldn’t see/calculate total order…

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A Roundup of the Best WordPress Plugins

Best Design Tool This design tool has an easy to use drag & drop functionality with a lot of features built in so you don’t have to keep looking for a bunch of plugins to supplement your designer. Best SEO Tool Yoast is WordPress’s prominent SEO tool. While it has it’s glitches, it’s free and…

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Shipping Multiple Addresses for WooCommerce Review

WooCommerce Shipping Multiple Products (WooThemes – WordPress Plug-In) Review: The purpose of this plug-in is to allow users to ship multiple products in a shopping cart to multiple locations. For it’s purpose, it does the job well. Their support team is helpful. As my client began using this plug-in, they wondered why repeat clients ordering…

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Review of WooCommerce on WordPress

Quick Facts about WooCommerce: WooCommerce launched in September of 2011. 6,688,149 DOWNLOADS to-date. WooCommerce powers 24% of all eCommerce websites. Free open source plug-in from WooThemes. Benefits: Free, quick integration to WordPress. Many payment processor options. Scalable: good for small or large retailers. Many templates to choose from, 3 of them are free. Can integrate…

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WooThemes Names PorterandYork.com a Top 12 WooCommerce Design

Porterandyork.com was one of the twelve listed by WooThemes in their blog “12 Great Examples Of WooCommerce Stores”. I would have to agree. In Cart Marketing has been maintaining the website, enhancing features, for the last year which included adding a responsive design. The site boasts a custom “skin” that uses the Drag N Drop…

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