Can you guess what’s inside the box?

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Today’s post is a little different. However, it will explain how to create a cycle of ongoing, repeat sales.

Let’s begin.

I want you to imagine you have a very special box, which you place on a table in front of a prospective client or customer.

  • You explain that the contents of this sealed box are of great value.
  • You tell them that once they have it, they will wonder how they ever managed without it.
  • You then tell them that other people are using it, and they love it so much that they recommend it to their friends.
  • You finally blow them away, when you explain that the price for what’s in the box, is way below what it’s worth.

You then ask them, “Would you like to see what’s in the box?”

Their eyes widen as they lean forward and say, “Yes please!”

So, what’s inside the box?

As a business owner, your job is to develop a product or service that fits inside that amazing box.

In order for it to fit, your product needs to be able to deliver on those promises you just made. So when a prospective client sees it, they want it. Really want it!

The most successful business owners constantly look for ways to add value. To exceed expectations. To give their clients something they want to buy and their marketplace something they want to talk about.

Get this right and you will create a cycle of ongoing, repeat sales.


It will give you 2 vital things your business needs.

  1. It will massively increase the number of sales you make, because of all that added value.
  2. It will simultaneously generate ongoing word-of-mouth publicity.

The word-of-mouth publicity then creates even more sales leads (or client enquiries), which results in even more sales. The cycle continues.

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