The 5 High-Growth Industries and Best Cities for Small Business Ventures

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As an entrepreneur ready to launch or grow your business, actively aligning your venture with current industry trends and geographic benefits could significantly impact your success. The Credit Review‘s latest study reveals the top five industries set to experience rapid growth in the next decade, along with the cities offering lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs. 5…

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Distracted? Survey uncovers what’s distracting us most from work in 2022, and it’s not Wordle

Whether you work from home or in the office, workplace distraction is inevitable. Not so long ago, those who typically worked in the office were restricted to at-home work protocols. As we adapted to that world of work-from-home, distractions and habits changed. No longer were chatty co-workers disrupting work-flow (but kids or pets instead) and…

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8 Digital and Graphic Design Trends for the Times

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Our world has become dramatically more digital than ever with a computer in our fingers practically all the time. So, keeping up to speed on the latest digital and graphic design trends is essential to your marketing plan. You want to be sure to catch customer attention and stand out from the crowd. With ever-changing…

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Intentional and thoughtful marketing makes the biggest impact

Most consumers are now wary and well-informed about overused marketing tactics.  They know not to click on Google Ads when it’s not relevant. They don’t want the age-old banner reading “for a limited time” flashing in front of their face trying to coerce them to buy quickly. They don’t want to see brands repeating tactics…

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