Amazon launches Digital Day, a new sales holiday for digital products


Over the past two years we’ve seen Amazon excel at creating demand for Prime Day, a Amazon-generated sales holiday. This week Amazon is launching a new sales day on digital media dubbed “Digital Day.”


The first Digital Day will be a 24 hour event held tomorrow, Friday December 30th and is marketed like a Black Friday for anything digital. These offerings include games, books, TV shows, apps, music and more. Some of the marketed deals include:

  • 80% off of video games
  • 50% off of movies & TV
  • 75% off of digital comics

It will be very interesting to see if Amazon can capitalize on yet another ‘fabricated’ sales day like they have with Prime Day. The timing for this new sales day appears to be flawless as it not only leads into a long holiday weekend but it also coincidences with a time of year when people may have more gift cards to use (and new products to use it with – like the Echo).

If a success, this could turn into yet another blockbuster sales holiday for Amazon, something that would be well needed for Amazon as their last earnings call saw the stock drop in part due to a “step up in investment” of their digital platform and fulfillment.

The Digital Day sale officially starts on 12am PST on 12/30 and there is also a lead-up sales event to Digital Day that has several digital deals available.

Source: MarketingLand

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