Ad copy hack for your AdWords pathways

The testing and implementation of ad copy in AdWords has become increasingly important — and increasingly difficult. This is a result of the paradigm shifts in AdWords account structures. The ad copy advice that follows can help improve ad copy relevance easily, at scale.

Shift in AdWords account structures

Throughout 2016, we have seen a major debate regarding the concept of AdWords account structures. Regardless of your stance, one major shift that we’ve seen over the past two years is search engine marketers reducing the number of keywords per ad group within their Google and Bing accounts.

Whether that’s moving to Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) or to flexible account structures, there is no debate that account structures have been shifting toward an increase in the number of ad groups within each account. Reading summaries on these account structure shifts is definitely a valuable way to spend time if you’re not familiar with some of these changes. (Now is definitely a good time to re-evaluate your AdWords account structure.)

Increasing the number of ad groups creates new challenges

As implied in the name, using Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) will increase the number of ad groups within your AdWords account. As a result, extremely relevant ad copy becomes both achievable and necessary; however, the implementation and maintenance work involved can make this transition overwhelming.

Here is an ad copy hack to help you ensure that the Pathway 1 and Pathway 2 combinations in your ads are not only specific to your search term, but are readable, relevant and help improve your Quality Scores.

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