7 Surefire Tips for Generating New Website Leads

7 Surefire Tips for Generating New Website Leads - Duct Tape Marketing

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Generate a little business buzz with a few simple methods.

A staple of your marketing strategy, lead generation can help stir up additional interest in your products and services. Companies of all sizes can and do benefit from implementing multi-channel efforts to boost website leads, from an email newsletter to social media and more. But website lead generation doesn’t need to rely exclusively on online channels to be effective. With a balance of both web and in-person strategies, you will gain leads in places you may not have thought to look.

1. Take your pitch on tour

Find some events where you can come in as a speaker to talk about your areas of expertise.  Conferences are great venues for this, as the attendees tend to be on the wealthier side and are open to new ideas. And while you probably won’t be pitching your products and services directly, you can negotiate terms with the event organizers. For example, ask them if you can get your business listed as a sponsor rather than receive a personal speaking fee. Of course, you may need to speak for free, to begin with, as you build up your speaking reputation.

2. Give your audience a voice

Make your social media followers more excited about your business by asking them to contribute to the conversation. Asking a question is one of the best ways to facilitate this kind of engagement. For example, you could ask your followers if there are retailers where they’d like to see your products made available. This kind of question would inspire your followers to go to your website to first see what products you carry before they make suggestions. It also does wonders to build personal relationships with your followers, as you ask for their ideas, respond to them (in a timely way!), and follow through on getting your products into more retail establishments.

3. Reach out to brand influencers

Brand influencers typically gather their subscribers through social media outlets like blogging or video blogging. While viewers are aware that some product promotions are sponsored, they also tend to feel a bond of trust with the influencer. They trust that they would not be pitched an item if the blogger didn’t truly think it was worth it, which is often true. But before you begin cold-emailing every blogger under the sun, take the time to learn about their niche market and determine if your brands and values align with theirs. Then develop a strategy to reach out to them.

4. Spruce up your email signature

This technique will take you a few minutes upfront, but from then on won’t cost you a second. Simply set up your default email signature to direct them to your site. Here’s an easy example (without images, but feel free to add one!):


Sally Sanders

CEO & Founder, <Company name here>

<Company website URL here>

5. Broaden your networking

If you’ve been networking within the same circles over and over again, you may not be reaching as many new leads as you could be. Consider joining some national groups, larger online communities, or hit up a networking event the next time you travel. Don’t forget to add some variety to your contributions as well. It’s okay to tell people about your company, but your peers will also appreciate the advice, resources, and a genuine interest in their businesses from a fellow small business owner.

6. Go looking for questions to answer

Check out some of the more heavily trafficked general question forums like Quora. Look for questions that you and your company can help to answer. Some forums will allow you to link back to resources, which will give you an opportunity to plug your website. But be careful to make it genuine, helpful, and relevant to the question. Otherwise, such a blatant advertising plug may deter leads.

7. Offer incentives

Incentives are an effective draw to any website. Promoting elements like sales, scarcity, or limited time deals can spur some immediate leads. Use your email newsletter and social media to draw leads in, but also remember to add a welcome message (some use pop-up messages) to your website when the visitor initially arrives. This will make the sale obvious and/or provide them with the necessary code to access it at checkout.

As a small business owner, I recognize that you’ve probably got a lot on your plate already. So if taking on a full-scale digital marketing plan doesn’t fit into your schedule, it may be worth it to hire an assistant to help get it started. The help will pay for itself as you generate new leads and therefore new purchases. Of course, you can also wait until a few techniques have given your company more growth before bringing in a marketing assistant or full team. Either way, by incorporating the above tips into practice, you’re surely set for success.

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