5 Tips To Stay Organized Through The Holidays And Beyond


The holidays are here and client spending and consumer shopping are in full swing. It would be an understatement to say this year feels a little busier than last. Often these busy times show us, as account managers, where we might need to be more effective and stay a little more organized. Here are 5 tips you can use help you stay organized.

1) Checklists Are Your Best Friends

Whether you are old-fashioned and love pen and paper, or if you love everything on a digital screen, there are plenty of tools out there to list out tasks and to-do’s. Being very detailed and timely with to-do’s will save you brain power from having to remember additional details. Besides, who doesn’t LOVE that feel of crossing something off after it has been completed? If you are looking for online project management tools, here are a few:

2) Have A Calendar? It’s More Than A Meeting Planner

Once you have your to-do list written out, use your calendar to help set reminders for when items should be completed or sent to your client. When we get busy it can be easy to forget “usual” tasks or to block out time. Use your calendar to set weekly & daily reminders to stay on top of items that could possibly slip your mind from day-to-day or week-to-week.

3) Emails Can Be A Distraction

Yes, most communication is done via email, but constantly checking your email can disrupt your workflow. To maximize your efficiency by ensuring you have solid concentration time – time to get through your to-do list – try only looking at your emails three or maximum four times a day at set times.

4) Interruptions Happen

While we can try to control and manage every part of our day, interruptions are going to happen. Before you say yes or no to whatever the interruption might be, try and qualify it. Is it urgent? Can it wait? If it can, let the person know when you will be available to talk and schedule a block of time on both your calendars and make sure to follow-up.

5) Do A Wrap Up At The End Of Your Day

Take a minute and reflect on your day. Were there any items you completed that didn’t get crossed off? Were there tasks/projects that came up that weren’t added? Are there simple and quick emails that you can reply to today that don’t need to be put off until tomorrow? Before you leave, create a preliminary to-do list for the next day and clean up your space to get ready for tomorrow.

While not every day will be easily managed, keeping these tips and tricks in mind should help you keep holiday chaos under control.

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