10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

What’s the first thing you think of when it comes to boosting the website traffic? Social media marketing, for sure. SEO, too.

Whenever you’re trying to make your website more popular, online marketing is the natural response. Is it the only available alternative? No.

In fact, online marketing might not be enough.

The most common reason why thousands of websites are failing is the lack of visitors. The owners of these websites implement SEO and social media marketing practices, but they still fail.

Sure, they are probably doing things wrong. However, they are also not exploring the potential of offline marketing.

Offline marketing? What does it have to do with website promotion? Plenty!

We’ll suggest 10 brilliant ideas on how to use offline marketing to boost your website traffic rates.

1. Interview Stories for Printed Magazines

Reporters are always interested in stories with a great hook. A writing service like Essay Geeks, for example, may attract their attention. They will interview the owner and connect the responses to the issue of students ordering papers online.

There’s a great story to write on any topic. If your company is on the rise, the reporters may be interested in an executive biography.

Stay available for interviews. They may be featured in newspapers and magazines, but you can also be a guest on radio or TV shows.

When people read these stories, they will be interested in your brand.

Do you know what they will do? They will google the brand. They will visit your website. It’s a winner!

2. Car and Van Decals

Does your business have vehicles? Then it’s easy to feature the website’s address on it.

10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

If you maintain an online business that doesn’t need vehicles, then you can get decals on your private car.

This is an eye-catching trick. It may tempt people to look up your website on their smartphones as soon as they see the decal. Of course, the design has to be intriguing and it has to indicate the specific niche of your website.

3. Uniforms and Clothes

If you include the website’s address in the branded uniform or shirts of your employees, you’ll attract more traffic.

Think about it: you can also give out T-shirts to your friends and family. You can wear it wherever you go. That will turn you and the other people wearing the branded clothes into walking commercials.

Whenever there’s a job fair or a local event related to your niche, wear the shirt. It will attract attention.

4. Advertising in Printed Media, TV, and Radio

Do people still read magazines? Absolutely.

10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

Buying advertising space in printed media is a great way for you to get attention for your website. Pick a magazine that’s close to your niche.

If for example, you’re selling perfumes online, you’ll get great results if you promote it in fashion magazines.

TV commercials also work, but they are way more expensive, but more attractive as well. If you have the budget to invest in such commercials, you should go for it!

You can also get results with radio commercials. Yes, people still listen to the radio.

Maybe this type of content won’t get you any likes and shares, but it will still drive you traffic.

5. Workshops

You want to attract more visitors and convert them into buyers? You can warm them up by inviting them to workshops.

What’s a workshop?

It’s like a seminar that offers knowledge and practical experience. You educate people about the things your business offers. If for example, you’re selling home appliances, you can teach them how to choose the perfect fridge for their needs.

You can advertise the workshops online or by sending invitations via email. You can also promote them on the local level. The workshop itself will be real. The people who sign up will come to your offices to learn.

If you don’t have offices, you can rent a hall for your workshop. That might be a significant investment, but it will get people interested in your business.

You’ll share the website’s address to everyone who wants more information. There, they can make the purchase.

6. Office Signs

You can increase the traffic to your website if you feature the address on signs on and around the office.

Feature it on outside windows of the office or your store. You may include text like Find the best offers at x.com. That will raise the interest for them to check out those offers.

7. Direct Mail Campaigns

Direct mail marketing is still going strong. KitKat is only one of the many brands that are using its full potential.

There are some downsides to direct mail marketing: it involves designing, printing, and mailing. It does cost money and it’s hard to track the results.

However, direct mails can be insanely successful if you do them right.

Think about it: you’re practically entering the potential customer’s home. They will leave the promotional material on the coffee table. They will look at the website’s address several times. Eventually, they will accept the invitation to visit the site.

8. Promotional Materials

This one is a classic. People love freebies. When they get to try your products or services, they will get proof of the quality you offer.

Instead of taking your promotions online, you can make real ones. Organize an event. Invite people to have a cocktail while they test your products. Give them some samples to take home with them. Of course, you’ll feature the website’s address on all packages.

10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

Like most other promotional methods, this one requires an investment, too. However, it can be insanely successful for your business.

9. Networking Events

Word-of-mouth marketing is still successful. The fact that you’ve taken most of the promotional activities online doesn’t mean you should forget about the good-old networking.

Whenever there are craft fairs, trade shows, or other events related to your niche, you should attend. Talk to the people who organize the event to see if you can set up a booth for your business.

Here, you’ll get a chance to talk to a very targeted audience. These people come to events because they are interested in the products or services featured.

You’ll give out printed materials with your website’s address featured on them. You can expect great engagement.

10. Business Cards

Whenever you meet someone, they usually ask what you do. At that moment, give them a fancy business card and they will definitely visit your website.

Tell your employees to give out business cards, too.

10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

The cards should have a captivating design. They should definitely feature the company’s web address.

Don’t Miss the Opportunities that Offline Marketing Offers

We’re not telling you to forget all about online marketing and focus strictly on offline methods. That would be insane.

However, adding offline marketing methods to your overall strategy will definitely get you results.

Try some of the methods we presented above and tell us what you think.

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10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

Source: 10 Brilliant Offline Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website Traffic

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